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North west web and graphic design services - as lovely as a chipmunk

With the right image, you can show off your stripes as proudly as a Siberian chipmunk. And as everyone knows, that's very proudly.

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for you…

  • Bespoke logo design services from Stripey Media for Some Good Ideas

    Logo Design and Branding

    Ok, this is the biggie. It’s no use getting a piece of clip art, doing a bit of jiggery-pokery with a typeface and saying to the world “Look! My logo!”, and then wondering why no-one takes you seriously. Getting your image and brand right starts with a decent logo - but why settle for decent? Invest properly here in something that’ll knock your customers’ socks off and your competitors into a cocked hat, and you've the foundation to take on the world. Well, your world, at least! And we’re absolutely smashing at bespoke branding and logo design.

  • High end website design in Lancashire from Stripey Media for the Blackpool Paint Company

    Website Design

    Look - we know your mate down the pub may still have a lad that can sort out your website for fifty quid, but in this day and age, your website is your shop window. Get this wrong, and you can literally fall by the wayside. Get it right, and it can set you apart from all the rabble and fix your course to success. We’ve been building world class bespoke websites these past ten years (almost since websites were born, really) and we know what it takes to cut that necessary dash. So don’t leave it to chance. Or templates.

  • Social media management and blogging from Stripey Media

    Social Media and Blogging

    Facebook, Twitter and all forms of social media make up such an important part of any business's marketing arsenal that it's simply not an option to leave them to chance. Professionally designed bespoke social media artwork for your business pages and accounts means that your brand and message is carried seamlessly across all platforms. Talk to us about the best way to utilise social media and blogging for your business - we can help with everything from design and implementation to strategy and content or post writing.

  • Bespoke stationery design from Stripey Media for Sal Norris Photography

    Stationery and Business Card Design

    Once you’ve got your logo and branding all nice, shiny and new, you’ll need to think about how you present yourself to your customers. If we hear of you knocking something together in Word and printing it out on your inkjet, we’ll slap your legs! Seriously though, if that’s the way you think, there’s no point in you coming to us for help - you’re beyond redemption. We believe in the ethos that everything you hand to a customer - or potential one - is a little part of your business. Let’s make it shine, and make you very proud!

  • Corporate brochure design services from Stripey Media for Plexio

    Brochures and Printed Literature

    We now come to those other little tools in your bag, like printed - or electronic, in these new-fangled days of wonder - brochures, leaflets and the like. If you’re up to speed with all the points above, those principles need to apply to all things marketing about your business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a one man band or a huge conglomerate (we like big words), image is everything. Look like you mean it and other people will believe you do. You’re not putting a card up in the newsagent’s window, you know!

  • High end electronic brochure design from Stripey Media for Aspire and BP Insurance Brokers

    eBrochure design - flash and PDF download

    eBrochures, PDFs and the like are a great way to engage with a contemporary audience. They can be made to look every bit as stylish as a printed version, but won’t sit in boxes in the store cupboard with out of date information and details, positively egging you on to dare try and throw them out. Oh no, electronic versions of these old staples of the marketing stable will just lay submissively down and let you painlessly tickle them into alteration when needed. How fabulous is that? And we are rather good at them.

  • High end advert design and marketing design from Stripey Media

    Advert Conceptualisation and Design

    Now, let’s take a look at advertising - either in printed media or online. Don’t let us ever see you placing a tombstone ad… quite simply, a box with your name, address, what you do and a phone number or web address. Engage with your customer, hook them into what you have to offer with well thought out copy and wisely chosen imagery. Present them with a concept that they can get involved with. Once they want your product or services, they’ll look for who you are and how to get in touch.

  • Direct mail design from Stripey Media for BP Insurance Brokers

    Email and Direct Mail Marketing

    Whether you choose to go down the traditional, but still entirely valid, route of direct mail, or fancy delivering your message via the interweb, with an electronic mail (let’s give it its Sunday name) marketing campaign, you need to reflect upon how much of this ‘junk’ you receive every day yourself. What’s going to make yours not so junky; make it stand out from the daily deluge? A little thought and cleverness, that’s what! And we’re just the bunch to do it for you. Our marketing campaigns get noticed, and getting noticed gets results.

  • Packaging design from Stripey Media for the Lancashire Black Pudding Company

    Packaging Design

    It’s almost sad to say, but in this hurley burley world of glitz and glamour, the packaging is often more important that what’s inside it. I don’t know why that should surprise us so much - what are young children often most fascinated with on Christmas day, after all? So it makes complete sense to make your packaging - whatever your product - look like the proverbial pot of gold. We can work wonders with this for you, but it’s up to you not to disappoint when they finally tear it all off!

  • Signage design and banner design from Stripey Media

    Signage, fascias, banners and bespoke artwork

    If you’ve got this far, to tell you that all these principles also apply to any signage, fascias, banners, interior artwork or displays - you name it, we can do a mighty fine job of it - would merely be preaching to the converted. So suffice it to say that any of these examples should have the same degree of effort and professionalism expended upon them as anything else you do in your business. Be the best that you can be, and you’ll be surprised how successful you become.

  • Vehicle livery design from Stripey Media

    Vehicle Livery

    Sometimes, the canvas on which you paint your message to the world can be as red as a London bus. Usually, because it is a London bus, or a Manchester or Devizes one. Making advertising media work on such as these, or the sign writing on your own cars or vans, can be a crucial link in your overall marketing strategy, so again, giving it the same lavish coat of attention as every other detail can, and will, pay huge dividends. And sometimes, as everyone knows, three buses can come along all at once - be on them all!

  • Lancashire design services to launch you to success

    To skyrocket your business to success, get in touch with us now. You'll be over the moon you did!